One month

Intense. Everything has been intense. With strengh and passion, the wheel has started to spin this year.

...makin' my flight...

At the distance i see windin', narrow and unclear paths. At the same time i see a silhouette, i recognize and get near to her. Little by little, but firm and safe, in a honest way, with care and love above all things. Nothin' is writen, much is said, everything to come, everything to happen.

The phoenix begins his flight. Again ashes are left in the pass, traces of other faces, another roads, that haven't been in vane and powered this trip.

It's been a month now. Of madness, emotions, feelings, talks, images, sounds... everything is turning firm, it starts to curdle, at the same time, everything is volatile, but ot ephemeral.
Mi soul reamins full of strong and nice emotions, of sensation that don't want to leave, but are afraid of falling down.

...i keep flying...

I can only say, that i wish to keep livin' this dream. I'll fight until i die of tireness for my goals, my deepest wishes. And most of all, i'll fight for you, so you get to know me, to see me, to like you as i am just you like me for who you are.

My soul has been touched and kissed since the moment i meet you and now i dream with the day when you touch my lips.
I love you with everythin' that's known as JP.

...i keep flying...

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