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The star...

You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

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A Happy Man

Everytime you talk to me, every gesture, every emoticon (yeah, i know how "ñoño" that sounds), every mail, everything from you makes me happy.
The distance is hard and exciting at the same time. But most of all the desire of have something that has been touched and made with your bare own hands its something that stops my breath and makes me feel 'mariposas' in my belly.

Thanx for all you do for me, and everything you're willing to do, i'll make my best effort to not let you down, and make this happiness i feel yours too. THAT'S A PROMISE.

Olga's Letter

A lovely couple, a green field, big smiles in their faces, and a four leaves clover. That looks almost like a paradise to me. I thank gaia for putting a bit of your heart and kindness in my spirit.

And finally, i want to dedicate this song to you. Love Of My Life, from Santana with Dave Matthews on vocals and Carter Beauford on drums. It may be very pop and light for some people, but you gotta give me that Carter it's an amazing drummer and the lyrics are lovely ^^

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Deleting blogs...

Just a few days ago my girlfriend, angry as never, told me her blogspot was deleted.
"How is that possible?" i thought.
Well, it seems that, because of the 'freedom' provided by Blogspot, spammers haven't stay quiet, so Google decided to make 'cleans' of their services in order to erase those anoying sploggers (blog spammers) from the service.
The problem comes from the crieteria they use to select who's in and who out. From an article i've found on internet, i'd like to quote some parts where they explain how this happen:

"A thread at the Blog Party forum suggests that Google is targeting bloggers that have multiple blogs which link to each other. This is a tactic which many legit bloggers do and is a major part of how the whole blogosphere works. It is also a tactic that is used by sploggers. But that in and of itself should not be a reason to go on a search and destroy mission for all bloggers who interlink their sites. The logic in that is faulty – just because a tactic is used by sploggers doesn’t mean that everyone who uses that tactic IS a splogger." [Taken from: Reports of legitimate Blogger/Blogspot accounts being deleted without cause]

The author of this article, also suggest to check if we have made use of 'links-tactic', and to change them or redirect them to some other place, not between each other.

In my opinion, this is a major mistake from Google, specially because, taking the fact that they know and have many resources to implement well modern and eficient methods to detect sploggers, this criteria looks more like an excuse to free space in servers, or to reduce the amount of work by reducing accounts that 'seems' sploggers.

PS: I hope mine won't get deleted now, after i report this.

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Te vi...

Hoy vi una pequeña niña jugando en la fuente de agua, al salir del trabajo. Su inocencia y curiosidad la llevaron hasta ahí para tocarla y sentirla, al levantarse me quedó mirando. Tenía una cabello como el trigo, crespo y preciosamente cuidado, sus ojos eran de azul intenso. A través de su vista divisé todo un mundo de posibilidades frente a ella, y frente a mi, la posibilidad de que todo se derrumbe.
No quiero pensar que algunos cambios en los hechos futuros hagan que esa niña pase de jugar con el agua a ahogarse en un pequeño vaso.
Cuando la observé por un momento mi espíritu paterno afloró y quise abrazarla, decirle 'Mia... here i am'. Y al siguiente momento divisé a su madre llegar y sacarla del agua con una frase que, aunque no comprendí, sonaba como un reto por encontrarse ahí.
Su madre tenía cabello rojizo... la vida no deja de sorprenderme.

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One month

Intense. Everything has been intense. With strengh and passion, the wheel has started to spin this year.

...makin' my flight...

At the distance i see windin', narrow and unclear paths. At the same time i see a silhouette, i recognize and get near to her. Little by little, but firm and safe, in a honest way, with care and love above all things. Nothin' is writen, much is said, everything to come, everything to happen.

The phoenix begins his flight. Again ashes are left in the pass, traces of other faces, another roads, that haven't been in vane and powered this trip.

It's been a month now. Of madness, emotions, feelings, talks, images, sounds... everything is turning firm, it starts to curdle, at the same time, everything is volatile, but ot ephemeral.
Mi soul reamins full of strong and nice emotions, of sensation that don't want to leave, but are afraid of falling down.

...i keep flying...

I can only say, that i wish to keep livin' this dream. I'll fight until i die of tireness for my goals, my deepest wishes. And most of all, i'll fight for you, so you get to know me, to see me, to like you as i am just you like me for who you are.

My soul has been touched and kissed since the moment i meet you and now i dream with the day when you touch my lips.
I love you with everythin' that's known as JP.

...i keep flying...