And all its because of you

I sleep less hours
I visit my profile more often
I visit yours almost every day, and your jogger, and all that's related to you
I wonder why.... ah! that's right... it's because... I CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY MIND!
And i hope i never will.
I wrote my blog more often...
I believe in distance-love
I like red
I loooove Poland
I like fimo earings
I listen to new music.
I'm "trying" to learn polish
I've moved to a new, bigger and warmer room
I've learned how to drive
I've visited our paradise, so i get to know where to take you someday
I see your face in every corner in the streets
I imagine how would it be to do with you all my normal and daily things
I practice every day my 'Olga's coffee'

I do a lot of things thanks to you
I do a lot of efforts thanks to you
Thanks to you i try to be a better man.
It's all because of you...
thanx for your existence...
thank you gaia for bringin' her to my path

Even when you get mad, when your mood isn't the best, and you show your worst dark side. My love keeps growing.
Even when you're busy and your responsabilities keep you a bit away from me.
Even when the world it's down, days are gray and i feel blue, my love for you keeps growing.

You're the wind at my back, you're my air, my sun, my breath my everything.

Love you bubbles!

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manowce dijo...

i nevr seem to comment on that...somehow today i read it like 5 times. still makes the warm feelin' inside that boils blood and puts hearts on fire. *tender hug*