Destiny has spoken to me

All my life i have felt like i dont belong here. Like i miss some part of the 'instructional of life' when i was arriving this world.
Now that i'm more 'mature' (if i have the right to say it), i've realized that i'm not. Or seen from a diferent point of view, we're all out of place and have missed the entire 'lesson of life' before we born.
There can be many reasons to understand what's missing in us, what's wrong and what's impossible to get.
The wrong ones, usually are fixable (in diferent grades of course, depending on what have you made). The impossible ones are result of our minds. But the missing ones are the most tricky for me, cause they allways exist, you just have to find it. That sounds easy you may say, but the problem is that we don't know exactly what's missing we just felt it. And because feelings sometimes aren't concrete or we're unable to express them or to describe them, it becomes hard to find out what's missing.
About the missing ones, in my case i've always felt like my 'way of life' - even been very common and natural - it's constantly looked in a strange way.
Until now i believed that i didn't know what was wrong. No i believe that there's nothing wrong, there's just something missing.
So destiny has spoken to me. This is sort of what he said:

Destiny: "Ok JP, so you've allways wanted someone who loves you just the way you're encouraging your virtues and challenging your imperfections".
JP: "oh, and also that makes me coffee just with the sugar i want".
D: "i think its enough".
JP: " ¬¬ ".
D: "Well then, guess what, there's is a person for you that it's just the way you like."
"She's not near you, you may not be able to see her everyday, at least now, but she loves just the way lou like, and you do too. So if you get to reach her, your task will be done. And from that moment it will up to both of you"

So now, i'm following my heart and spirit, fighting for what i want and desire and i feel its the right for me. I don't care if there's 13 000 km, miles light years or jedi masters... somehow we'll meet each other and i'll give the bigest and lovest hug and i kissed that i ever give in my life.
Until that moment... Kocham cookie-eater!!!

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"there's no limit to what can be done (...) won't stop believin' 'cause i'm gonna win"