Isn't he cute? and lovely? and fluffly? xD!
Ok now... i must be honest to all the people i know... and the ones who know me. 'Cause i've received a lot of comments this days.
"What's wrong with you?", "Why are you acting like this?", "xxx drives you nuts".
Well here's a clue: the author of this lovely drawing is the main cause of my strange behavior in all this time.
I haven't forgot anybody, all the people who care for me and who i love are still in my heart and spirit. But they're on the second row of the theater now, the premium seat is now to her...the drawer.
The teddy bear's name is Fluff. He's resting on a red pillow and dreaming in red too i think. I'm starting to love that color. Well i've allways like it, but now i (am in) love it.

Ok that's is for now... i'm getting 'mamón' with my songs lately... but i'll give this song to everybody who wants a karaoke session =)


♪ A night without you seems like a lost dream [Always Somewhere, Scorpions]

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manowce dijo...

*^^* he's dreamin' in red too. it's the Fluff to hug, he needs love, so you have to take care of him!