Deleting blogs...

Just a few days ago my girlfriend, angry as never, told me her blogspot was deleted.
"How is that possible?" i thought.
Well, it seems that, because of the 'freedom' provided by Blogspot, spammers haven't stay quiet, so Google decided to make 'cleans' of their services in order to erase those anoying sploggers (blog spammers) from the service.
The problem comes from the crieteria they use to select who's in and who out. From an article i've found on internet, i'd like to quote some parts where they explain how this happen:

"A thread at the Blog Party forum suggests that Google is targeting bloggers that have multiple blogs which link to each other. This is a tactic which many legit bloggers do and is a major part of how the whole blogosphere works. It is also a tactic that is used by sploggers. But that in and of itself should not be a reason to go on a search and destroy mission for all bloggers who interlink their sites. The logic in that is faulty – just because a tactic is used by sploggers doesn’t mean that everyone who uses that tactic IS a splogger." [Taken from: Reports of legitimate Blogger/Blogspot accounts being deleted without cause]

The author of this article, also suggest to check if we have made use of 'links-tactic', and to change them or redirect them to some other place, not between each other.

In my opinion, this is a major mistake from Google, specially because, taking the fact that they know and have many resources to implement well modern and eficient methods to detect sploggers, this criteria looks more like an excuse to free space in servers, or to reduce the amount of work by reducing accounts that 'seems' sploggers.

PS: I hope mine won't get deleted now, after i report this.

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manowce dijo...

someone is goin' to be punished for that - -

Eclectic dijo...

For sure, but in a pacific way... no riots ok? ;)