A Happy Man

Everytime you talk to me, every gesture, every emoticon (yeah, i know how "ñoño" that sounds), every mail, everything from you makes me happy.
The distance is hard and exciting at the same time. But most of all the desire of have something that has been touched and made with your bare own hands its something that stops my breath and makes me feel 'mariposas' in my belly.

Thanx for all you do for me, and everything you're willing to do, i'll make my best effort to not let you down, and make this happiness i feel yours too. THAT'S A PROMISE.

Olga's Letter

A lovely couple, a green field, big smiles in their faces, and a four leaves clover. That looks almost like a paradise to me. I thank gaia for putting a bit of your heart and kindness in my spirit.

And finally, i want to dedicate this song to you. Love Of My Life, from Santana with Dave Matthews on vocals and Carter Beauford on drums. It may be very pop and light for some people, but you gotta give me that Carter it's an amazing drummer and the lyrics are lovely ^^