The Road to 'Our-Room' pt1: The miracle and the painter

This is a funny, yet simple relate, based on real facts about my work on my new room. As a matter of fact, it will become a two-people room cause soon, that's why the 'our-room' title.

The tale is going to be told with images and videos taken from the author's camera. Some of them may not been well focused, that's because we're out of flash, only natural light, and there are no 2nd takes or similar.

So here it is:

It's 9:00 in the morning and i'm not up yet. I should be, but i delayed the clock some minutes (hehe “.).

Room 002

Oh! 9:30, i'm late i better get going now.

Room 003

First we'll feed the pets. This is Doña Javi eating a small snack in the kitchen's floor (don't do that in home! Feed your pets in a clean plate!)

Room 004

What? A cook? Well you better believe it. The worker will be a cook for a while. Good clothes! xD.

Room 005

Ups, some burned bread and milk. Guess you still want the bottom part, right love? =D

Room 006

Time to eat and gather forces for the day.

Room 008

The spoons say “Hi, Olga!”.

Room 007

Some places to be fix. This corners needs sandpaper and paint.

Room 009

Room 024

That's the wardrobe.

Room 010

The bed's corner.

Room 011

Some wires: phone and i-net. Soon they'll have to be removed, we don't want them painted in white xD.

Room 012

Ouch! That's the most dificult part. A damn water-fuge pass through the ceiling and now look what we got!

Room 013

Hey! There's our worker now! He's fixing some parts

Room 014

11:00, the sandpaper do his work on an old wall. This one it's one the greatest challenges.

Room 020

12:45. Time for a break with a very cold Coke

Room 022

now some cleanning...

Room 023

Got dammit, that spot its gonna be hard to take off

Room 026

hey! Where did my glass go!

Room 036

Oh, here he is... =)

Room 037

Good. Now is in its place... and re-filled, excelent!

Room 041

The work on the spot has began. Some wall-paste will do the trick

Room 042

sorry love, no i-net for today... i need the modem to be removed from here, we don't want it painted in white xD

Room 043

Its 3:00 pm and my second hand arrives!! yeah! That's Luciano, a very close friend of me

Room 044

He did a great job in that corners with the wall-paste

Room 045

Our supervisor 'donkey' "Hey you guys! work hard or you won't get bananas!" xD

Room 046

time to paint, some papers on the floor to avoid accidents, and Luciano is making a funny mix of the paint with the solvent o.O (he looks like drinking it)

Room 049Room 053

the first paint of the work! Yeah!

Room 058

...and now, its goofy-painting time!!!!

Room 060Room 061Room 059Room 062

Luciano has become Casper!!! hahahaha!

Room 063

Ok, the day has ended with most of the paint done!

Room 065Room 068Room 069

That's it! Fisrt day is off!!!

Room 072

The next blog will be the second and final day of work. Hope you like it! bye!

2 comentarios:

manowce dijo...

OMG xD adorable story! our room will be beautiful! and you have to thank Luciano from me for his help (: he deserved a good polis hug (; [i love those goofy pics, one looks very egyptic xD] and remember to bring the inet back, i'm addicted xD love you!

Luciano dijo...

You are most welcome my friend.
see you next time and hopefuly that time will be in you new room,as always filled with lots of garbage jejeje,kidding (not so much),toing.

And remember that you can always count on me buddy,alway.that is obviously if im not too wasted ;(.
you know what i mean.

see ya and take care of it,(you know what that means too jijijijijjiji